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Each Package Includes:

1. 1-3 Releases/Day

2. Our Money Management System

3. You get EVERY pick in EVERY sport for any package length you purchase

4. Unlimited E-Mail Support

We are a team of nine handicappers with over 120 years of combined sports wagering knowledge.  Each spends hours upon hours of research and game watching to apply their own style of decision making.  The end results are a confident consensus of the best plays of the day.  We're each committed to long term profits for both ourselves and our clients. 

We believe in strong money management strategies (just like when we invest in the stock market) and believe you should too!  Just like when investing in the stock market, you should assess your level of risk tolerance and base your strategy upon it.  You can find many tried and tested methods online to find the one that you are comfortable with.  And then stick with it!  It's all about long term.  Hot streaks come and go and chasing money by jumping from pick service to pick service never works in the long run.  You can certainly try but just like many of us found out years ago, you will lose your gains.

If you're new to sports wagering, there's nothing you'll experience (or could experience) or have questions about, that one of us hasn't gone through in the past.  From being scammed, mismanaging our bankroll, getting too emotional or wagering for only the short term thrill...we've been through it all.  We want to ensure that you don't make the same mistakes we made.  Check out our FAQ page for some of the answers that stem from our past experiences.  Or feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to get you an answer.

There are hundreds of services to choose from, so why choose us over them?  We're here to stay.  We're not going to take your money and disappear.  We're not going to hit a losing streak and change business names and move on (this industry, unfortunately, is full of unsavory types who will do just that).  We know what we're doing and we know how to make money wagering on all types of sports.  We decided it would be foolish to not start a business to increase our earnings but we know we won't last if we don't make you money...so we will!

So set your bankroll.  Set your money management system and get set to watch your bankroll grow!









  NOTE:  Once you have found the right package for yourself after successful payment, please allow us 5 minutes to manually activate your membership.


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