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Each Package Includes:

1. 1-3 Releases/Day

2. Our Money Management System

3. You get EVERY pick in EVERY sport for any package length you purchase

4. Unlimited E-Mail Support

-How do you make your wagering choices?

We each have our own decision making processes involving analytics, analyzing value, instinct, trends etc. Some focus more on one aspect over the other but we've all been successful. We then meet daily to discuss our strongest choices from the options available. We then find the consensus in both pick, value and wagering strength. Sometimes we find that we only have a few choices for the day, (rarely none) and sometimes we all like multiple choices that are too difficult to walk away from.

-Will you recommend a sportsbook?

NO!  We feel that it is an entire conflict of interest, no matter what any service may tell you. They may be entirely distanced and not involved with the book, but in this arena it's better to not get anywhere close to crossing a professional line by raising questions in our clients minds. There are resources out there that can steer you in the right direction in making a decision that is right for you. We will, however, recommend that if you have the resources and the ability to, to shop around when placing your wagers...in order to get the best value. 

-Do we offer teasers, parlays etc?

Nope. If you've ever played craps, you're familiar with the bets in the middle of the table that veterans call 'sucker bets'. Same concept here. We don't believe they fit into a sound money management process that wins over the long term.You can definately find hundreds of 'experts' out there telling you that they win these types of bets consistently and make tons of money. We know these wagers do hit once in a great while but eventually they lose more than they win. They feel great when they hit but they don't hit enough to make a consistent profit. It's like the type of person who goes to a casino every weekend and drops a couple hundred dollars on the slots every time. Then one day, they hit a jackpot for $500-$1000 and they tell everyone how much they won. What they don't tell is about the net loss they incurred over time before they made some of it back on the jackpot. A net loss is a net loss no matter how it comes. Teasers, parlays, prop bets are in the same class. If you're more interested in the thrill of winning big once in a while and don't care about the long term loss, then you probably should look for a different service. And take our word for it (we learned the hard way over the years) these services that tell you they win consistently.....they're flat out lying.

-How many picks do you release and how often?

We release the strongest plays that we can find. We don't force our picks, meaning we may not have plays every day. We find that we can confidently identify several plays daily but sometimes the value is just not there. We typically will release them 2-3 hours prior to the first game starting. If you purchase a long-term package, you get what you pay for. Ex: 7 days means 7 days of picks, not just one week of time. Most clients receive them via text but there is an option to recieve them via email also. Text is typically the best as emails can sometimes be overlooked.

-What is a unit?

A unit is whatever you decide it should be but it should fit in line with your bankroll and the amount you are comfortable wagering on a consistent basis. It could be $10, $20, $100. Most in the industry have always looked at a unit as $100. But it's entirely up to you. Therefore, when we release a 3 unit play and your unit is $10,  then your wager would be to win $30. If your unit is $100, your wager would be to win $300. Remember to wager only money you are comfortable losing. Do not wager rent, mortgage, bill money etc. This is money you are willing to invest and have invested for an extended period of time. There will be ups and downs though.

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